International Exchange Party "Lalala de Fever"

Organizer: Lalala

2011.02.19 (Sat)   19:00~21:30 Location:Ristrante T'otto (Morioka, O-dori.)

Let us introduce to you Lalala international exchange group's party!
No matter your nationality, age or occupation, come have fun with us!
Speaking Japanese is not a requirement, the only qualification needed is to like to party!

□ Date : February 19th, Sat. from 7:00pm to 9:30pm
□ Location : Ristrante T'otto
        (Morioka, O-dori Daiwa Roynet Hotel 1F, on Cinema St.) 
□ Fee : General 3500yen、Students 3000yen 
  *** Lalala members get 500yen off ***
□ Participants : Up to 40 people
□ Miscellaneous :
    ・Anyone over 18 years old may participate. 
  ・Please refrain from offering alcoholic beverages
     to minors.
□ Application:
    Please confirm your participation by sending an email
    to the email below. Please write "Participation to the
    International Exchange Day" in the subject and don't
    forget to include your name, phone number, the type
    of participant(Japanese, foreigner, lalala member)
    and to which party you want to take part in.

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