One week Open Class!

Host: NPO Zenrinkan

2011.07.25 (Mon)   ~30th (Sat)  Place: NPO Zenrinkan (Morioka)

One fun-filled week of language! English, French, Korean and Chinese, too!

We have day classes and evening classes.
Usually a trial lesson will cost you 1050yen, but this time, for the same price, you can get an open ticket to try any classes in a week!
Please come along to any class you like.

□ Period : 25th ~ 30th July 2011

There will be free coffee available in the lounge during this period.

■ Inquiries
  NPO Zenrinkan
  3-2-37 Kawara, Osawa, Morioka
  TEL 019-654-1212  FAX 019-654-1988