Host: Kitakami Culture Creation

2011.10.08 (Sat)   Doors open 17:30 Performance starts18:00 / Venue: Kitakami Sakura Hall (Big Hall)

An overwhelming drum performance!
TAO LIVE overturns what you thought you knew about Japanese drums and brings you new Japanese entertainment! And, again, with wild enthusiasm!

  S-Seating 6,000yen(Pair 5,500yen×2 tickets)  A-Seating 4,500yen(Pair 4,000yen×2 tickets)
  B-Seating 3,500yen(Pair 3,000yen×2 tickets)  3F Side seating 2,000yen
   ※Pair tickets can only be used for Sakura Hall
   ※Children not yet of school age may not enter. (Please use the day-care service that is available upon booking)

□Play Guide
  Sakura Hall Ticket Reservations TEL 0197-61-3500(9:00~22:00)
  【Kitakami】Edzuriko SC Pal/Sakurano Kitakami store
  【Hanamaki】Nahan Plaza 【Oshu】Z Hall, Oshu Culture Center
  【Morioka】Iwate Prefectural Meeting Hall/Kawatoku 【Ichinoseki】Ichinoseki Culture Center
  Internet Ticket Service (Sakura Hall)

   Sakura Hall TEL:0197-61-3500 (Ticket Reservations and Purchasing)
   Kitakami Culture and Exchange Center(Sakura Hall
   2-1-1, Sakura Dori, Kitakami, Iwate 〒024-0084 
   TEL.0197-61-3300 FAX.0197-61-3301