I want to know more!!! Korea

Host: Mirai Toshokan

2011.10.31 (Mon)   18:30~20:00  / Place: Lounge, Aiina 6F

Korean Learning Space brought to you by 6 Korean Experts.
See Korea from a different angle everytime, and also enjoy the chance to meet these speakers working in Iwate.

□ Schedule : ◆ 17th Oct (Mon) "Japan and Korea Cultural Differences"
    Speaker: Mun Fesun / JEUGIA Culture Center Lecturer
    Place: Lounge, Aiina 6F 
 ◆ 31st Oct (Mon) "Decipher the Korean structure of consciousness by reading lines"
    Speaker: Seiji Hosoda / Morioka Hangul Learning Center
    Place: Lounge, Aiina 6F 
 ◆ 14th Nov (Mon) "Watching Korean Life"
    Speaker: Che Jeson / Hallelujah Preschool Manager
    Place: Lounge, Aiina 6F 
 ◆ 28th Nov (Mon) "The Curious Link between Japanese and Korean"
    Speaker: Kan Bonshiku / Iwate Prefectural University Professor
    Place: Lounge, Aiina 6F 
 ◆ 5th Dec (Mon) "The Korean Culture Seen Through Teac Ceremony"
    Speaker: Haruka Saito / Celc Korean Instructor
    Place: Lounge, Aiina 6F 
 ◆ 12th Dec (Mon) "Korean Cooking"
    Instructor: I Misuku / popular at Zaimoku-cho's Yoichi
    Place: Seikatsu Atelier, Plaza Odette 5F 
□ Time : Each program runs from 18:30~20:00
□ Aimed at : Those interested in different cultures. (Taking approx. 15 people)
 Language ability does not matter.
□ How to book : Phone/Email

■ Inquiries
  Mirai Toshokan (in charge: Sasaki)
  TEL 019-654-6601
  Email hitomis@miraitoshokan.com