Lecture: International Understanding Within Globalisation - Multicultural Malaysia and the Problem of Climate Fluctuation (COP17)

Event Organizer: Iwate University International Exchange Center, Iwate Universtiy Environmental Management Promotions Office

2011.11.10 (Thu)   10:30~12:00  / Venue: Iwate University North Paulownia Hall

6th Gan-chan International Forum・2011 EMS Open Seminar

International Understanding Within Globalisation
"Multicultural Malaysia and the Problem of Climate Fluctuation(COP17)"
Speaker: Horie Masahiko (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (in charge of world envirionmental problems) previously Malaysian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary)

□ Date and Time : Thursday 10th November 2011 10:30~12:00
□ Place : Iwate University North Paulownia Hall (2F General Education Research Building, Education Department)
□ Aimed at : students, teachers and the general public
□ Bookings : Not required. Just turn up on the day

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