Seminar - Preparing for Job Hunting in Japan (for International Students) in Tokyo

Event Organizer : Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

2011.12.23 (Fri)   Place : Plaza Heisei, Tokyo International Exchange Center

This seminar is designed to provide international students studying in Japan with beneficial information regarding job hunting, so that they can find a job that fits in with their own career design.
We are looking forward to seeing all you international students (of any year level) and school-related people, too.

□ Date and Time : 23rd December 2011 (Fri, public holiday)        (nb) the original scheduled date of 4th December has been changed to Friday, 23rd December, a public holiday.
□ Place : Plaza Heisei, International Exchange Center (Odaiba, Tokyo)
□ Outline : Job hunting orientation, seminars by industry, job hunting experiences, and more
□ Entrance Fee : FREE

For more details, please visit JASSO Job Hunting Preparation Seminar for International Students (2011).

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  Job Hunting Preparation Seminar for International Studnes Administrative Office
  TEL 048-485-2384