Wanko Soba and Old-Time Stories

Organizer : Shizukuishi-ikiiki kurashi network

2011.12.18 (Sun)   15:30~  / Place: Seki-shokudo (Shizukuishi)

Let’s enjoy Shizukuishi’s special dialect!
Our local storyteller will share Shizukuishi’s folkloric stories in the old dialect.
After enjoying the old stories, let’s challenge “Wanko Soba!”
How many bowls can you eat???

□ Date : December 18(Sun) 15:30-
□ Place : Restaurant Seki-shokudo
  (Nakamachi 7-1 Shizukuishi-cho)
□ Limits of application : 20 people
□ Fee : 1,500yen
 (Usually it costs 3500yen, this time, it is very reasonable!)
□ Contents : Listening to folk stories for about 30 minutes.
 And then, eating “Wanko Soba”.
□ Place to meet : Restaurant “Seki-shokudo”
 ※ Please use the Shizukuishi chamber of commerce and industry’s parking lots for parking.
 Seki-shokudo is on the left side of the chamber of commerce.
□ The deadline
  for application : 
December 11 (Sun)

■ Application
  Shizukuishi-ikiiki kurashi network
  (Contact personal Joe Huxel / Mihoko Huxel)
  TEL 019-692-3436