ZUMBA - Dance With Me!!

Event Organizer: Elizabeth Arihara

2011.12.16 (Fri)   Venue: Rehearsal Room 4F, Plaza Odette

Zumba is a fusion of music and dance to make a new fitness exercise. Zumba Instructor : Alex Arihara

□ Date and Time : 9th December 2011 (Fri) 19:00~20:00            16th December (Fri) 13:30~14:30            19th December (Mon) 10:30~11:30 □ Place : Rehearsal Room, 4F Plaza Odette □ Fee : 500yen □ What to bring : please wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel, drink and indoor shoes.

■ Bookings and Inquiries   Elizabeth Arihara   TEL 090-4632-4796