The Childrens' 3.11 - UNICEF's East Japan Earthquake Disaster Photo Exhibition

Organizer : UNICEF Iwate

2012.03.01 (Thu)   ~5th March (Mon)  / Place : Aeon Hall, Aeon Mall, Morioka

Supported by Iwate International Association

This exhibition will show the current state of emergency aid and recovery efforts through the cooperation of photographers and national papers.

□ Duration : 1st March (Thu) 2012~5th (Mon) 10:00~17:00
□ Place : Aeon Mall Morioka 2F Aeon Hall
        (4-7-1 Maegata, Morioka)
□ Addmission : FREE

■ Inquiries
  UNICEF Iwate 
  TEL 019-687-4460  FAX 019-687-4491