International Cooperation Reporter Homecoming Meeting & Global Education Contest Winner Announcement

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2012.03.03 (Sat)   Place: Iwate Prefecture Information Exchange Center (Aiina) 6F, Group Activity Room 1

□ Date and Time:Saturday, March 3rd 10:00 to 11:30
□ Place:Iwate Prefecture Information Exchange Center (Aiina) 6F, Group Activity Room 1

Announcement Meeting for the homecoming for 2 international reporters in Kenya and Vietnam, and accouncement of the winner of the Global Education Contest.

■ International Reporter Homecoming Announcement Meeting

1st Address【Vietnam】:Hanamaki Senior Nursing Highschool, Ms. Miyuki Kubo
Address Topic:Vietnam Nurses, as seen by a Japanese Nursing Student
・Photo Language: Participation Activity using photographs
・Imagining the Future of Vietnam with the zeal of a JICA volunteer in Vietnam
・Stories about Japanese objects and technology used in Vietnam

2nd Address【Kenya】:Hokujou Computer Academy Instructor, Mr. Teramaru Ono
Address Topic:Experience the Kenya I saw
・Sing the famous Disney's Lion King song "Hakuna Matata" in Swahili!
・Jambo! Contact with the power of the Masai Tribe
・Thoughts about the kerchiefs made by HIV patients

■ Global Education Contest 2011 Prize Winner Announcement

3rd Address: International Cooperation Report Division Honorable Mention:

  Iwate Prefecture Miyako Highschool Teacher, Mr. Jun Ogasawara~
Address Topic: How to provide information about "Internation Cooperation" to all students
A vast amount of issues exist in the world today. Providing students with an opportunity to learn about what sort of issues exist, and how they as students can become involved in them, is essential.

※Global Education teaches what is important for promoting a fair world where people can exist together in harmony.

■ Questions
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