5th "International Exchange Leader Training Seminar" -Now looking for participants!

Organizer: Center for International Youth Exchange

2012.03.24 (Sat)   ~25th (Sun)  / Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center

Business Planning and Safe Management
~Support for Foreigners Residing in Japan and Co-operative Program Development with Foreigners Residing in Japan~

The Center for International Youth Exchange will hold an "International Exchange Leader Training Seminar" again this year.
In the middle of an increase of foriegners in Japan, the recent economic condition and other factors means there are a lot more people with problems. In order to welcome and accept those with a dream of life in Japan into our community, it is very important to build a community together with them, and provide support for the concerns that they have. At this "International Exchange Leader Training Seminar" we will put a focus on the coordination of communication with foreign residents, and along with sharing our experiences and information about the skills needed for that, we have put together a training session where you can learn how to put together program plans, administration and safety management.
We look forward to seeing you there!

□ Schedule : 24th March 2012 (Sat)~25th (Sun) 【1 night, 2 days】
□ Applications open to : approx. 15 people (if there are too many applicants, they will go through a screening process)
□ Venue : National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
 (Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
□ Participation fee : 10,000yen (1 night, 4 meals; seminar fee and materials cost included)
 ※payment by deposit (deposits to be made after participation has been granted)
 ※transportation to and from the venue is to be covered by the applicant
□ Application Deadline : 19th March (Mon) 2012
□ Target Audience : 
・those involved in international exchange through work or volunteering
 ・those involved in co-operative programs and support for foreign residents through work or volunteering
 ・those 20~45 years old
 ※foreigners who have lived in Japan for many years and are involved in the planning side of support or exchange activities, and those from governmental institutions involved in support are greatly welcomed!
□ How to Apply : 
please fill out an application for and post or email it to us by 19th March 2012.
 Application forms can be downloaded from our website after 7th March.
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■ Applications and Inquiries
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  International Exchange Leader Training Seminar (contact:Ohashi)
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