Know the New Resident Management System!

Organizer : Morioka International Relations Association

2012.04.28 (Sat)   13:30~15:00  / Place : Big Conference Room, 3F Plaza Odette

□ Date and Time : 28th April 2012 (Sat) 13:30~15:00
□ Place : Big Conference Room, 3F Plaza Odette
□ Fee : FREE (Bookings not essential)
□ Speaker : Someone from Sendai Immigration, Morioka Branch Office
 and Morioka City Hall Civil Registration Division
□ Outline : 

Guest speakers will explain the new resident management system
due to start on 9th July. Question and answer time to follow.
□ For : Foreign residents. Also indivuals and groups that will have some connection to the new system.

■ Inquiries
  Morioka International Relations Association
  TEL 019-626-7524
  Email moriintl@nifty.com