Symposium & Observance of Disaster Areas, "Say ・Support ・Stand Up ... Our experiences leading to the future"

Hosts: Iwate International Association, Miyagi International Association, Fukushima International Association

2012.07.05 (Thu)   ~6th (Friday) / Place: Hotel Hokke Club Sendai

Seeking Participants
    • A message from the International Associations of the three prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) with devastated areas due to the Great East Japan Earthquake--

      Hosts: Iwate International Association, Miyagi International Association, Fukushima International Association
      Date and Time: July 5th, 2012 (Thursday)~ July 6th (Friday)
      Place: Hotel Hokka Club Sendai (2-11-30 Honchō, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi)
          Inside Minamisanrikuchō

      ■ Objective
      Looking back on the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and the future of revival ahead, the International Associations of these three prefectures have contributed significantly to the construction of a safe and secure multicultural society along with all the people who share the problems and experience arisen from disaster.
      This symposium will establish three groups focusing on Saying (Multilingual information transmission), Supporting (Refugees and their livelihoods), and Standing Up (Self-help for foreign residents in Japan). the groups will discuss the actual conditions and problems of their topic and search for future-oriented methods to help fix them.

      ■ Tartget Persons
      Those engaged in Regional International Associations, governing offices, Japanese language classes, foreign resident support groups, etc. (Capacity: 80)

      ■ 1st Day
      Symposium / July 5th (Thursday) 1~5 p.m.  Hotel Hokke Club Sendai

      1) Looking back on the Great East Japan Earthquake with images
      2) Iwate/Miyagi/Fukushima The disaster conditions of the three prefectures and the efforts geared toward their reconstruction
      3) Panel Discussion "During and after the earthquake, what happened and what did we do?"
       Those engaged in multilingual information provision, foreign resident refugee support and ethnic networking will present the main points of their experiences in disaster area-concerned work.

      4) Subgroups "Say ・Support ・Stand Up"
      Group A 《What is provision of national calamity information in multiple languages?》
       Those in Group A will observe the chronological order of multi-lingual disaster information from the time of the calamity to the eradication of harmful rumours about the disaster areas; they will also hold a discussion  based on the experiences of those in local government, regional international groups and translation support, etc.~
      Group B 《What is support for foreign resident disaster refugees?》
       Group B participants will hold a discussion based on the experiences of those involved in the Japanese language classes and local governments which create security networks for foreign residents, those in disaster support for foreign residents and those working in Japanese support consultation for foreign residents, etc.
      Group C 《What are foreign resident self-help organizations and networks?》
       Those in Group C will discuss ethnic networks and self-help organizations begun after the disaster and the experiences of permanent residents and immigrants in the disaster-stricken areas.
      5) Group Discussion Sharing
       The three groups will share their discussions and how what they discussed can be applied to better future operations.

      ■ Day 2
      Observation of Disaster Areas (Applicants Only: 30 spots) / July 6th (Friday) 8:30 a.m.~ 4 p.m.
       The area of observation will be Minamisanriku town, an area devastated by the great tsunami of March 2011. Participants will observe the plans for recovery in the town.
       The program will be a "Storyteller's Guide" style.
       Participants will view the current conditions of the disaster area as it stands a year after the calamity and see how residents from other countries contribute to reginal revival via participation in the local society.
       Participants will also view "Looking Back on the Great East Japan Earthquake Through the Eyes of Foreign Residents... The Story of Ishimaki", a DVD created by the Miyagi International Association and edited by Jimoto Media.

      ■ Questions / Contact Information
      Iwate International Association
      5F Aiina, 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka 020-0045
      TEL 019-654-8900  FAX 019-654-8922