Iwate International Association

Iwate Global Understanding Handbook "We Are All Friends" Part 3 Memorial Publishing Workshop

Host: Iwate International Association

2012.07.29 (Sun)   14:00~16:00 / Place: Aiina 8F Room 811

This year marks the 76th year since the Berlin Olympics, in which Japan and Korea participated, Korea celebrating a gold medal in the men's olympics.
The medalist's name was Gi-jeong Son.
The International Association has created a workshop to commemorate this achievement. the workshop will feature materials focusing on Mr.Son's life, as well as consideration of the three themes "Nationality", "Peace", and "Japan-Korean Friendship."
This year also marks the 100th birthday anniversary of Mr.Son.
Come see the world from Mr.Son's life and perspective in this commemorative event.

◆Date and Time : July 29th, 2012 (Sunday) 14:00~16:00
◆Place : Aiina 8F Room 811
◆Target Audience : Those middle school-age and older.
◆Capacity : 30 Participants
◆Fee : Free
◆Application Deadline : July 25th (Wednesday)

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