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162nd Chatland: “Iceland! The Land of Fire and Ice”

Iwate International Association

2013.07.20 (Sat)   14:00~16:00 /Place:Aiina 6th Floor, Group Activity Room 1

Iceland: From the name, you might imagine a cold island country in the Arctic, but in reality it`s not that cold. The low temperatures in winter get only down to -10 degrees Celsius, so it may be warmer than Hokkaido.

Like Japan, Iceland has hot springs all over the country. The biggest open air bath is in Iceland! From unusual natural phenomenon like the extremely long days in summer and the Aurora, to pursuits like birdwatching and whale-watching, Iceland is full of enjoyment.

This Chatland, we will hear from Jon Rafn Oddsson about his home country, Iceland. Please come and enjoy!

◆Time : July 20th, 2013 (Sat.)14:00~16:00
◆Place : Aiina 6th Floor, Group Activity Room 1
◆Price:200 yen general、100 yen members、middle schoolers and under free(Limit 40 people)
     ※Please make a reservation in advance.

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