Pianist Hayashi Masaki 「Recital for Sanriku 2013」

Recital for Sanriku 2013 Executive Committee/ Ihatov Music Communications

2013.07.11 (Thu)   19:00 start /Place:Bar Cafe the S

19:00 start /Place:Bar Cafe the S

Pianist Hayashi Masaki will hold a “Recital for Sanriku 2013.”

Everything on the earth unfolds like a painting of many colors
A night to talk with Bösendorfer (now “Bar Café the S”), brought back to life from Miyako City
Memories until now, and memories yet to come
Played on piano
Concert for Sanriku

■Time: July 11th, (Thursday) doors open at 18:00, starts at 19:00

■Place:「Bar Cafe the S」Sugatoubiru 1F, Saien 2-7-30, Morioka TEL:019-625-2440 ※We are taking reservations


■Tickets:2,500 yen(drinks separate) ※Proceeds from tickets go to costs for holding Recital for Sanriku on the coast (at temporary housing units, etc)
■Reservations and Inquiries
 Executive Committee Office(Contact: Tamura)