Oimonosenaka Matsuri

Oimonosenaka Fair Trade Store

2013.07.06 (Sat)   July 6-7th , 10:00-16:00 at Oimonosenaka Fair Trade Store in Hanamaki

Happy feelings and a fun life
Friends who connect people and nature

◇Time : July 6th (Sat)~7th (Sun) 10:00~16:00 (depending on weather)
◇Place : Oimonosenaka (Kofunato 166-2, Hanamaki, TEL:0198-22-7291)

No-spray and organic farmers
Fair Trade
Handmade, safe and delicious bread and snacks
Let`s use Iwate timber scraps to make cabinets!
Live music
Talking about sheep and demonstration of yarn spinning using a spindle
Handmade crafts, workshops and light meals
Disaster area support products、Illustrations, etcetera etcetera!
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For details, please contact Oimonosenaka.

※Oimonosenaka`s parking lot will not be available for use during event.
 July 8th (Mon)—Store closed (extra holiday).
 July 9th (Tues)—Regular day off.


 Oimonosenaka opened on April 6th, 1993. At first, we also dealt with recyclables collection and secondhand goods.
 We sell products themed around food and ecology, and support of developing countries (fair trade), and, thanks to our customers, are at our 20th anniversary of business. To broaden and deepen that theme, we are going to open a café this year.
 Slow cafés, book cafés, community cafés…we will continue to pursue the thought “It sure would be wonderful if everyone could be happy…”