South American Festival “Mais Para La!”

NPO Ihatov Music Communications(IMC)

2013.08.25 (Sun)   Performance starts 19:00 Place:/Aiina 5th floor, 501 Conference Room

Let`s connect the dots together! ~Past・Present・Future~

South America: countries full of passion, history, and many World Heritage Sites. This is a festival providing lovely music and contact with South American cultures.
As you drink the delicious coffee, please enjoy the exotic atmosphere.

Performances by:

Various Morioka Residents from South America 
Nação Capoeira Japão
Casa de la SALSA Morioka Club

There will also be a special concert by Brazilian guitarist Mikio Watanabe♪

■Time: August 25th (Sun) Venue opens at 18:30, performance starts at 19:00
■Place: Aiina 5th Floor, 501 Conference Room
■Cost: 2,000 yen(Please pay at the door)
※Part of proceeds will be donated for IMC disaster relief volunteer activities as well as expenditures for performances in disaster-affected areas.
■Capacity: Enough for about 80 people

NPO Ihatov Music Communications(IMC)

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