18th “The Song of the Earth” Concert

Host:Kanegasaki City International Association

2013.09.16 (Mon)   16:00 to 18:00 Place/Kanegasaki Center for Lifelong Integrated Education

This concert is centered around the Erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument. The audience can feel a sense of unity with the performers.
It`s a cosy, at-home concert.

Concert Performers

Erhu Jia Pengfang
Piano Masaji Watanabe
Koto  Fumie Kunogi
Cello Hiyori Okuda

■Time: September 16th(Mon., National Holiday) Performance starts at 16:00, ends at 18:00
■Place:  Kanegasaki Center for Lifelong Integrated Education
■Tickets: 2,500 yen general, 500 yen for middle schoolers and younger
■Performers:Jia Pengfang and three other musicians

Kanegasaki City International Association