Iwate International Association

164th Chatland: With Our Colleagues from Iwate International Association!

Iwate International Association

2013.09.21 (Sat)   14:00 to 16:00  Place: Aiina 5th Floor, inside Iwate International Center

Iwate International Association is entrusting Iwate exchange students participating in international exchange activities with the position of “Iwate Exchange Student Ambassadors,” and awarding those students with scholarship money.
For this Chatland, we planned a venue to interact with two exchange student ambassadors—one person from China and one from Korea—and two people from Peru and America working as assistants in the International Center.
Why not come and listen to various talks about these countries, and mingle with everyone?

◇Time: September 21st, 2013 (Sat) 14:00 to 16:00
◇Place: Aiina 5th Floor, inside Iwate International Center
◇Participation fee(Fee for snacks and tea) : General 200 yen、members 100 yen、free for middle school students and younger.

※ Please make a reservation beforehand.(Limit 40 participants.)

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