NEXPO MORIOKA 2013 "Thinking about the town with foreign people living in Morioka"

Host: Junior Chamber International Morioka

2013.09.15 (Sun)   15:00-17:00 / Place: Plaza Odette 3F Conference Room

We are all MORI "OK"!
YOU are part of Morioka!
Let's talk about this town with people from other countries living in Morioka!

Astrange thing about Morioka is...
My favorite things about Morioka is...
A mysterious custom of Morioka is...
Tasty food of Morioka is...
Introduce Morioka to the world!

Admission Free

◇Applicants should be : 
   People from other countries living in Morioka (age 18 or over)
   Japanese who are interested in international friendship (age 18 or over)
◇Date: Sunday, September 15, 2013, 15:00~17:00
◇Place: Plaza Odette 3F Conference Room
◇Maximum: 30 people
Please fill in the application and questionnaire, and send it by fax or email.
   ※We would greatly appreciate if you could only answer the
     questionnaire even if you cannot participate in the event.

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Application & Questionnaire

Junior Chamber International Morioka
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