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2013 Iwate Glocal College, 6th Lecture, “A Globalizing World and the Charms of Iwate”

Iwate International Association

2014.02.16 (Sun)   14:00 to 15:30 /Venue:Aiina 8th floor, Conference Room 804 B

For the 6th lecture in the 2013 Iwate Glocal College…

 Thinking of the earth in terms of the “Gaia Hypothesis,” which became popular due to global warming, has given way to thinking in terms of globalization as various countries further financial deregulation, and economic activity is sped up due to the development of information technologies.
In recent years, it is not so unusual for an event in one country to have an effect on the industry or the everyday lives of people in another country.
 It has become common knowledge that in order to live in this globalized age, one must work to understand other cultures and acquire new communication skills. However, could we not also take the initiative to transmit the special things about our area to the world, to further world peace and prosperity?
 I will speak about experiences overseas , explore “globalization” and “the specialness of Iwate” along with participants. I am looking forward to meeting new leaders in the internationalization of Iwate.

“A Globalizing World and the Charms of Iwate”
◇Speaker : Iwate International Center Board Chairman Mr.Kenichi Hirayama
◇Time : February 16th (Sun)  14:00 to 15:30
◇Venue : Aiina 8th floor, Conference Room 804 B

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