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2014 Multilingual Supporter Training: Translation Training for Foreign Residents 【Morioka Session 2】

Iwate International Association

2014.02.08 (Sat)   13:00 to 15:00 /Venue: Morioka(Aiina)

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We will hold training sessions for "Multilingual Supporters," or people who help support foreign residents who are new to Iwate.
These training sessions will help provide foreign participants with the necessary knowledge and information about living in Iwate to supplement real-life experience, so that as Multilingual Supporters they can advise new foreign residents.

◇Who can participate: ・Foreign residents who can speak Japanese at a conversational level or above.
       ・People who are willing to help support foreign residents, such as during a disaster.
◇Participation fee : Free.
◇Number of participants : About 20 people.
◇Venue : 【In Moriokai】  Aiina 6th Floor, Group Activities Room 1, Conference Room 602.
           (1-7-1 Ekinishi-doori, Morioka Iwate)
※Training session will also be held in Kawasaki-cho, Ichinoseki. For more detail, please click here.
◇How to apply : Please send the following information to us via mail, FAX, or by telephone: 
〇Contact information
〇What day(s) and location(s) you would like to participate.

Schedule and Training Content
In Morioka:
① Themes: "Status of residence (visas), education and driver`s licenses"
 Time and Date : February 8th, 2014 (Sat) 13:00 to 15:00.
 Venue : Aiina 6th floor, Conference Room 602.
 Content :
 (1)Status of residence (visas)
     Lecturer: Iwate International Association Assistant Section Chief, Hisanaga Kawamura.
 (2)Education: High schools, going to college, and scholarships
     Lecturer: Iwate International Association Assistant Section Chief, Hisanaga Kawamura.
  (3) About licenses: changing a foreign driver`s license to a Japanese license, car insurance
     Lecturers: Iwate International Association Assistant Section Chief, Hisanaga Kawamura and staff member Hirayasu Funakoshi.

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