Menkoi Charity Day at Plaza Odette

Menkoi Terebi

2014.03.02 (Sun)    Starting at 10:00 a.m. / Venue: Plaza Odette, 3rd Floor, Odette Hall

March 2nd is Menkoi Television`s Charity Day!

Morning Event: FNS Charity Campaign
Sayaka Morimoto, announcer at Fuji Television, gives a talk about her experience filming on location in Nepal.
◇Time:10:00 to 11:30(Venue opens at 9:30)
For more details, see the following link!

Afternoon Event: Menkoi Television and Fuji Television anchors do a charity reading performance for tsunami recovery efforts.
◇Time:13:30 to 15:30(Venue opens at 13:00)
See the following link for details:

◇Both the morning and afternoon events are free of charge, but entrance tickets are required.
 To apply for a your free entrance ticket, please see the URL above.

Menkoi Terebi Charity Office
TEL:019-656-3300(Weekdays, 9:30 to 17:30)