World's Tea Party at Kanegasaki

Host:Kanegasakicho International Exchange Center

2016.01.31 (Sun)  14:00~16:00 /Location: Kanegasakicho Central Lifelong Education Center

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~Learning from experiences as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer~
Solomon Islands Disaster prevention and mitigation, and the enrivonment

Host:Environmental Studies Center

2016.01.31 (Sun)  13:30~15:00 /Location: Environmental Studies Center(Aiina 5th floor)

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Iwate International Association

Japanese Culture Experience: KENDO (fencing)

Host: Iwate International Association

2016.01.29 (Fri)  6-7:30pm /Venue:Aiina 5th Floor, Iwate International Center

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"If the World Was A Village of 100 People" Workshop

Host: Twende

2016.01.11 (Mon)  10:00~12:00 /Location:Aiina 6th floor Group activity room 3 

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