Movie Screening Event 「Vik Muniz Extraordinary Garbage (Original Title: WASTE LAND)」(@Tono)

Host: Tono Global Plaza

2016.05.29 (Sun)   14:00~15:45 / Location: Old Kamigo Junior High School

This is a film nominated for the documentary segment of the 83rd Academy Award!


◇Time and date:29th May 2016(Sun)14:00~15:45
◇Location:Old Kamigo Junior High School(Tono, Kamigo-cho, Itazawa 11-6-6)
※Parking near Iwate Kamigo station is available.
◇Entrance fee:Advanced booking 300 yen, Door sales 500 yen(Free for high school students and below)
◇Vacancy:50 persons

You can also get enjoy the "Environment And Its Creatures" Exhibition during the event♪

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Watch the trailer here!

Tono Global Plaza
Representative:Tono Regional Economic Development Group Volunteer, Yamada