Helping South Sudan refugee`s kid by Confront World representor Ryota Hara

Host:Iwate Prefectural University

2018.01.11 (Thu)   18:00-20:00 Avenue:Aiina Campus Learning room 1(Aiina 7F)

Representor of Confront World, Ryota Hara will talk about the situations of
childrens in the refugee camp in South Sudan located in Uganda and supportive
acts by Confront World along with some opinion exchange. Mr.Hara will also talk
about his inspiration of beginning to work internationally.

◇Date:2018 January 11(Thursday) 18:00~20:00
◇Avenue:Aiina Campus Learning room 1(Aiina 7F)
◇Lecturer:Mr.Ryota Hara
Representor of Confront World

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Iwate Prefectural University Faculty of Social Welfare Sakura lab