Iwate International Association

2018 Recruiting new member ! New member campaign! (Until late June)

 Uploaded April 1st

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Korean classroom for kids Mugunghwa School

Host:Sendai Korean education institution/Morioka Mugunghwa club

2018.04.08 (Sun)  〜December 16(Sun) /Time:10:00〜11:30 /Venue:AIINA 8F・Meeting room

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2018 21st High school Ambassador of peace・Iwate recruiting

Host:High School Ambassador of peace committee

2018.04.27 (Fri)  Due Date

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Iwate International Association

Interact with foreigners CHATLAND『African giant Nigeria』

Host:Iwate International Association

2018.04.21 (Sat)  14:00-15:30 /Venue:AIINA 5F International Association

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Free foreigner work law Q&A

Host:Foreigner workforce lawyer group

2018.04.15 (Sun)  13:00~18:00

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