Beginner Korean Language Lecture

Host: Morioka International Association Co-op: Morioka City

2018.06.21 (Thu)   ~Every Thursday until July 12 Venue:Plaza ODETTE(1st,2nd meeting room)

This is a lecture for beginner in Korean language.
Introducing simple phrase like greetings and culture about Korea.


2018 June 21、28、July 5、12
Thursday Whole 4 round 18:30~20:00

◇Venue:Plaza ODETTE(1st,2nd meeting room)(1 - chome Nakanobashi 1 - 10)
◇Lecturer:Li Shin Min
◇Fee:Regular 3000yen、Member 2000yen


Regular May 21(Mon)10:00~、Member May 18(Fri)10:00~
 ※Please register using phone(First come first serve)
 Register Period:Weekdays 9:00~17:00

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