Korean Class for Children "Mugunghwa School"

Organized by: Sendai Korea Education Institute, Morioka Hangul Manabu no kai

2019.03.17 (Sun)   ~ December 21 (Sat) / Venue: Aiina 8th floor, conference room, seminar room

The “Mugunghwa School” are the children from Korean families living in Japan, and the children from families with one korean parent.
Is a class that teaches language and culture for children who consider Korea as their home country.
Conducted as a project of the Sendai Korea Education Institute, a Korean overseas organization.
The lessons are on Sundays from March to December,using songs, games, drawings, etc. a menu that will keep
children attention and interest about Korea. Also we are planning to have some math lessons as well.
Children in general as far as they are very interested in Korea.
Trial Lessons are also available.

□ Target:infants, toodlers (with parents if possible), middle and high school students
・ Korean nationality
・ Parents with Korean nationality
・ Those who plan to stay in Korea for a long time
・ Children in general, who are very interested in Korea are also welcome。
□ Date, time and Venue: Aiina 8F conference room or seminar room  10:00am~11:30am
   The number after the date is the conference room or seminar room number of Aiina.
   (Sometimes the date might change by no choice, please make sure to contact us before you come.)
   Mar 17 【807】   Mar 24 【816】
   Apr 14 【806】   Apr 21 【808】
   May 12 【806】   May 26 【809】
   Jun 2  【809】   Jun 9 【806】
   Jun 23 【805】   Jul 7 【805】
   Jul 21 【805】   Jul 28 outdoor activities
   Aug 4  【806】   Aug 17 【806】
   Sep 8  【809】   Sep 29 【805】
   Oct 6  【806】   Oct 20 【Cookery room】
   Nov 17 【809】    Nov 24 【806】
   Dec 8  【806】    Dec 21 【807】

It is possible to join from any of the scheduled days.

※Please check the place and time from this Homepage: https://moriokamugunghwa.web.fc2.com/

□ Fee: Free of charge

Onodera 080-1839-4706
E-mail  mugunghwahakkyo@yahoo.co.jp