Lecture on Foreign Language Education

Organized by: Yamada Town Board of Education

2019.08.23 (Fri)   14:40-16:20 
Venue: Yamada Junior High School (1st /2nd grade classrooms)

Winner of Palmer Prize, the highest honor in English education.
Selected as one of the 100 charismatic teachers in the world by Newsweek magazine.
Mr. Goro Tajiri is the teacher who behaved as the most unique English teacher in Japan by all means.
Please come and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to hear his lecture.

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■ Lecturer: Mr.Goro Tajiri
△Japanese Educator
△Kansai University Faculty of Foreign Language Studies Professor
△Institute of Foreign Language Education Councilor
△Palmer Prize Selection Committee
△Japan Association for the Study of Teaching English Director

■ Date and Time:2019, Aug 23(Fri)14:40-16:20
■ Reception time:14:20-14:40
■ Venue:Yamada Junior High School(1st /2nd grade classrooms)
■ Deadline:Aug 19(Mon)

※Please refrain from direct inquiries to the venue.
※This lecture is not suitable for preschoolers.
※Parking is limited at the venue. Please try to carpool if possible.

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