Medical Interpreter Training Workshop

Organized by:Southern Iwate Recovery Bureau, Corporate Planning Department Planning Promotion Section

2019.10.26 (Sat)   9:45-17:00 Oct, 27 (Sun) 10:00-17:00
Venue:Southern Iwate Recovery Bureau, Oshu District Joint Government Office Meeting Room

This workshop will train medical interpreting staff (volunteers) to be dispatched to~ medical institutions in the south of Iwate Prefecture.
Would you like to help non-native Japanese speakers communicate more smoothly with medical services?

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●Date and time:
Oct, 26(Sat) 9:45-17:00
Oct, 27(Sun) 10:00-17:00
Southern Iwate Recovery Bureau Oshu District Joint Government Office Meeting Room(Mizusawa Otemachi 1-2, Oshu City, on the side of Oshu City Hall, 5 minutes on foot from JR Mizusawa Station, parking available)
●Target languages:
●Required qualification:
Advanced language skills that allow you to communicate in medical institutions in both Japanese and target languages、
those who can conduct medical interpreting activities at a hospital in the south part of Iwate Prefecture.
●Recruitment capacity:
About 15 people per language (Depending of the application status there might be a pre-selection.)
Oct 18(Fri)

 □ Workshop contents :       
 ・Lecture     (This will be done Japanese)       
 ・Mock interpreter practice (This will be done separately for each language.)       
 ・Selection / Interview  (Selection of suitability as a medical interpreter.)       
 □ Lecturer :       
 ・RASC Japan Community Linguistic Service Center(Cots) Representative Mr. Akio Nishimura        
 ・Multi-language Information Center Kanagawa(MIC Kanagawa)Medical interpreter       
 ・Multilanguage Center FACIL(FACIL)Medical interpreter        
 ・Oshu International Relations Association staff        
 ・Prefectural hospital medical department staff        
 □ Required materials :       
 (1)「Six-country medical interpreting learning textbook for multilingual communication required in the medical field」※        
      Medical supervision Takashi Sawada edited by Akio Nishimura    Soeisha / Sanseido bookstore (3,500 yen + tax)        
 (2)Writing instruments, memo paper used for simulated interpretation        
 (3)Dictionary (smartphone app available)       Free tuition      
 (4)Lunch (Lunch break 12: 30-13: 30) (* Please bring your own textbook)      

Training schedule
  Date   Time        Content     Lecturer
Oct, 26(Sat)9:45-10:00Opening and orientation     
(Overview of medical interpretation, interpretation ethics, etc.)
Cots Mr. Akio Nishimura
(Knowledge of the human body, knowledge of medical institutions, etc.)
Cots Mr. Akio Nishimura
Oshu International Relations Association
Prefectural hospital medical department staff
Oct, 27(Sun)10:00~11:00Lecture
(Interpretation technology basics)
Oshu International Relations Association 
10:00-12:30Mock interpreter practiceCots Mr. Akio Nishimura
MIC Kanagawa Medical Interpreter 
FACIL medical interpreter
10:00-12:30Mock interpreter practice
10:00-12:30Selection / Interview

For those who wish to attend, please contact us by E-mail, fax or telephone with the following information (name, address, phone number, E-mail address, country of origin, target language)。
Southern Iwate Recovery Bureau Corporate Planning Department Planning Promotion Section
TEL:0197-22-2812(weekday 9:00~17:00)FAX:0197-22-3749
※This medical interpreter training workshop is entrusted to the Oshu International Relations Association. The Oshu International Relations Association