Multilingual support during disasters “Brush-up Training”~FINISHED~

Organized by: Iwate International Association

2020.01.19 (Sun)   13:30 - 16:30
Venue: Iwate Prefecture Citizen's Cultural Exchange Center Aiina Conference Room 501

~FINISHED~ Based on the knowledge gained during the basic training for multilingual support during disasters,
we held the Disaster Imagination Game for the purpose of acquiring mental attitude and specific knowledge about disaster activities.
International students from the prefecture will participate too.

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Mr. Shuzo Koshino(Disaster Risk Management Advisor)
Ms. Yoko Matsuoka(Iwate University Global Center Professor)

■Date and time
Date and time:2020, Jan 19(Sun)13:30-16:30 (180 min.)
Venue:Iwate Prefecture Citizen's Cultural Exchange Center (Aiina) Conference Room 501
Fee: free of charge

Anyone is welcome to join.

■How to apply
Please fill out the application form on the back of the flier or fill out the necessary items on the application form and submit it to the association by e-mail or fax.
※Deadline:2020, Jan 15(Wed)

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