Enjoyable Talk at Korean Language Teahouse

Organizer: NPO Zenrinkan

2012.03.16 (Fri)   13:30-14:30  / Place : NPO Zenrinkan (Oosawakawara, Morioka)

People who know Korean, people who don't - let's all have fun talking together!
Ask all the questions you want about official rank, costumes, food and drink, herbal tea, and all the things you see and hear in Korean period dramas.

□ Date and Time : Fri, 16th March 2012 13:30-14:30
□ Place : NPO Zenrinkan (3-2-37 Oosawakawara, Morioka)
□ Program :"Let's Enjoy Korean Sounds!"
           Korean has a lot of sounds that the Japanese language does not.
           What kind of sounds are there? and what are their meanings?
           Get a taste for the Korean language from sounds. Even those who don't know Korean can enjoy this!!~Listen and then try the pronunciation together with us!
□ Speaker : Chon Bisei
□ Admission : 1,050yen

■ Bookings and Inquiries
  NPO Zenrinkan 
  3-2-37 Oosawakawara, Morioka 
  TEL 019-654-1988