International Exchange Voice Forum 2012

Host : International Youth Exchange Organisation Iwate

2012.03.10 (Sat)

"Voice Forum" is an event where through inviting foreigners from around the prefecture to give a presentation and chat over a light meal, we can deepen our mutual understanding and exchange. Anyone is welcome to participate, so please come along♪

□ Date and time : 10th March (Sat) 11:00~
□ Place : Aiina Studio, 4F Aiina
□ Fee : FREE (includes light snacks)
□ Theme : Me and 3.11 
 Aeneas Wilder (from Scotland, living in Towa)
 Peter Tate (from Australia, loiving in Morioka)
 Colin Ptak (from America, living in Hanamaki)
 10:00~ "2012 Cabinet Office International Youth Exchange Work" Information Session
 10:15~ "2011 Cabinet Office Returning Participants Debriefing Session"

■ Inquiries
  Youth Activity Center, International Youth Exchange Organisation Iwate (Matsuzaki)
  TEL 019-606-1763 Email