Chatland #146: Discover Ireland!

Organizer: Iwate International Association

2012.04.21 (Sat)   14:00~16:00 / Place: Aiina 6th Floor, Group Activity Room 1

Rory Callaghan, from Ireland, will be giving a presentation about Irish lifestyle and culture.
The presentation will include a quiz about Ireland and a course on the Irish language!
How about spending a little Irish time with us?

□ Date and Time: Thursday, April 21st 14:00~16:00
□ Place: Aiina 6th Floor, Group Activity Room 1
□ Fee: (with refreshments) general 200yen, supporting members 100yen,
         junior high school age and under FREE

□ Available seats: 40 (Reservation required)

■ Reservations and Questions
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