Capoeira Workshop

Kazuyuki Oikawa -Esquisito- (Iwate Representative)

2012.04.29 (Sun)   & 30th (Monday) / Place: Municipal Martial Arts Facility

Capoeira is a traditional Brazilian martial art, said to have originated by Brazilian slaves camouflaging their practice of hand-to-hand combat, which they were forbidden to practice, by combining it with music and dance.

Capoeira is known for its unique music and rhythm, to which the combatants fight in tune with. Being a martial art, all movements are ad-libbed improvisations; the combatants move like wheels in a cog, fighting with various magnificent, acrobatic techniques.

■ Place: Municipal Martial Arts Facility

■ Date and Time: Sunday, April 29th  capoeira Workshop (17:00~20:30 Fee:2000¥)
      Monday, April 30th Open Roda (Cultural exchange meeting) (14:00~17:00 Free Admission)

Beginners welcome!
■ Questions
Kazuyuki Oikawa -Esquisito- (Iwate Representative)