Charity Event for the Benefit of the Poor Children and Youth in the Philippines

Organizer: Takizawa English Salon

2015.04.05 (Sun)   13:00~17:00 /Venue:Furusato Koryukan "Chagu Chagu Hall", Takizawa city

◇Date & Time : Sunday, April 5, 2015, 13:00~17:00
◇Venue : Furusato Koryukan "Chagu Chagu Hall", Takizawa city

There will be a bingo game and drawing at the charity concert.
The drawing is for people bought tickets, but everyone can participate in the bingo game.
Bingo cards passed out at reception. It`s free to participate.

We will donate the full proceeds to UNICEF.

Ofelia Takahashi  090-3125-0137
Cecilia Nishimura  090-5847-6774
Mercy Sasakawa  090-6865-8323