Use English and have fun! Kid’s Festival

Host: NPO Zenrinkan

2011.06.25 (Sat)   11:00-14:00  Venue: NPO Zenrinkan

Between joining the classroom to study, watching anime in the theatre, listening to conversations in the library, treasure hunting, going shopping or eating lunch, the are many different corners in which you can participate and try and practice your English.

Participate with children before school age, those in the lowest year of elementary school and guardians. (Guardians are free)
Guardians can also buy lunch and other things, so please feel free to enjoy with your child.

□ Date: June 25 (Sat) 11:00-14:00
□ Venue: NPO Zenrinkan (Morioka-shi Osawakawara 3-2-37)
□ Target Participants: preschoolers/ elementary school students
□ Participation Fee: 2100yen (Zenrinkan students 1050 yen)
  ※Price of lunch and goods included

■ Contact
  NPO Zenrinkan 
  TEL 019-654-1988