Talk &LIVE Tuva Republic

Host: Kanegasaki International Friendship Association

2011.12.04 (Sun)   14:00~16:00  /Place: Central Kanegasaki Life Education Center

Watch some beautiful scenery on screen in this talk/live event where you will take a quasi-journey to Tuva, Mongolia from your seat.
Enjoy hearing a collaboration of Tuvan overtone-singing (Khomei), the traditional igil instrument, and the cello.

□ Date and Time : Sunday 4th December 14:00~16:00
□ Place: Central Kanegasaki Life Education Center
□ Fee: General:Pre-purchased ticket 700yen,
          1,000yen on the day
          Free for Children in junior high school and younger (Numbered ticket needed)

■ Reservations
  Kanegasaki International Friendship Association (Person In Charge: Hojo)
  TEL/FAX 0197-44-2099