Movie Screeing "Koi suru tomato Kumainkanaba"

Movie Screeing "Koi suru tomato Kumainkanaba"

2011.11.13 (Sun)   (1)10:00~12:00 (2)13:30~15:30  / Place: Center for Continuing Education, Nagaoka District (Kanegasaki-cho)

A 2005 film for which Daichi Yasuo planned, wrote the script for, was executive producer for, and even appeared in.
The problem of farmer successors, a shortage of wives, marriage fraud, foreign brides, prostitution tours in the Philippines and Filipinos who come to Japan, etc.
These are all touchy themes to us who live here in Iwate,
but the golden rice fields that are ready for reaping, and the tomato fields that survived the rains...
only in Iwate! This movie is jam-packed with beautiful scenes that you can identify with.
This is a FREE screening, as a part of the Autonomous Promotion Festival (Culture Festival).
There will be both a morning and afternoon screening, so please come along!

□ Date and Time : 13th November 2011 (Sun)
        ★First Screening 10:00~12:00   ★Second Screening 13:30~15:30  
□ Place : Center for Continuing Education, Nagaoka District
         Address 18-4 Horikiriushiro, Nagasawa, Kanegasaki, Isawa-gun
         TEL&FAX 0197-44-6068
□ Bookings : not required
□ Entrance Fee : FREE
□ Other : There will also be a local works display, stage presentations, ground golf, farmers' market, flower arrangement class, kiri-e paper theater and story telling, friendship bazaar, cafe corner, mochi-maki and much more!

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  Nagaoka District Center for Continuing Education 
  TEL 0197-44-6068