South American Cooking Class - Como se prepara esta comida?

Host: Spanish Classroom 'Semillitas del Salon'

2011.11.10 (Thu)   Place: Women's Center, 5F Plaza Odette

The dates may change according to the availability of the venue.
Please confirm the dates and times before attending.

□ Date and times : 22nd June (Wed) 10:00~13:00
 14th July (Thu) 18:30~21:00
 17th August (Wed) 10:00~13:00
 15th September (Thu) 18:30~21:00
 12th October (Wed) 10:00~13:00
 10th November (Thu) 18:30~21:00
 14th December (Wed) 10:00~13:00
 (2012) 12th January (Thu) 18:30~21:00
 February t.b.d
 March t.b.d
□ Place : Women's Center, 5F Plaza Odette (1-1-10 Nakanohashi, Morioka)
□ Cost : 1000yen each lesson

■ Bookings and Inquiries
  Elizabeth Ariwara
  TEL 090-4632-4796