Daisuke Iwahara Djembe LIVE 

Inquiries: Youchiru

2011.10.07 (Fri)   Open 20:30  Start 21:00  / Venue: ni-ju@sakurayama

※Djembe・・・West African Drums

□ Date and Time : 7th October 2011 (Fri) Open20:30 Start21:00
□ Venue : ni-ju@sakurayama
       (6-1 Uchimaru, Morioka TEL 019-651-8885)
□ Ticket : 2300yen (includes 1 drink) tickets only available on the day

Opening Act: Morinowa (from Morioka)

・・・Daisuke Iwahara・・・ 
Daisuke Iwahara started performing as a percussionist when he was a student.
In '94, he met world famous djembe performer, Mamady Keita, and became his pupil.
He lived in Belgium, and socialised with musicians from America, Africa and other countries.
In '97, he headed for the Republic of Mali, Africa, and studied under the instruction of the Mali National Dance Troupe.
From '98, he participated in Ken Ishii's recording world tour.
After that, he made a number of stage peformances with a local group in the Republic of Guinea.
In '01, he moved back to Japan, and performed on stage at the Tokyo International Film Festival, held djambe workshops, joined Mamady Keita's world tour, formed the percussion group 'pelos' and acoustic rock group 'Murphy', and is currently performing together with other musicians both in Japan and internationally.

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