50 years since immigration to Iguaçu, Paraguay - Following their wagon tracks to South America 

Host: Iwate International Association

2011.08.22 (Mon)   14:00~15:00  Place: Exhibition Space, International Center 5F, Aiina

This year, the 22nd of August will mark the 50th Anniversary of Japanese emigration to Iguaçu, Paraguay, and a celebration will be held in the settlement to commemorate the occasion.

Meanwhile, here at the center, Kyouko Yoshida (Vice President of the Association for Cultural and Assistance Iwate Kenjinkai of Brasil ) will talk about the history of the emigrants who travelled all the way to South America.

There will also be a South American tea service!

□ Date and Time : 22nd August 2011 (Mon) 14:00~15:00
□ Place : Exhibition Space, International Center 5F, Aiina
□ Fee : Free (no booking required)

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