Movie Screening - Old Soviet Union Movie 'Mother'

Iwate's Japan Eurasia Society

2011.09.23 (Fri)   13:13-~16:00  Place: Audio-Visual Room, Ueda Community Hall, Morioka

The first Russian and Eurasian Culture Lecture
Screening the old Soviet Unionn movie, 'Mother'.

"Mother" (1926, Soviet Union, running time:86mins)
Maxim Gorky's masterpiece, "Mother", set in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, tells the story of a mother who is awakened to the idea of revolution amongst the laborers.

"The Steamroller and the Violin" (1960, Soviet Union, running time: 46mins)
Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, this is a short film from the Soviet Union.
Made as his graduation piece, it earned him his diploma at the State Institute of Cinematography at age 28, and was practically his maiden piece. It came first at the New York Student Film Festival.

□ Date and Time: 23rd September (Fri) 13:13-~16:00
□ Place: Audio-Visual Room, Ueda Community Hall, Morioka 
□ Entrance fee: 500yen (to cover costs of materials)

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