English rakugo performance

Organized by: Yamada Town Board of Education

2019.02.11 (Mon)   2 PM

English rakugo in Yamada Town! !
February 11 (Monday · Holiday) Starting at 2:00 PM, Yamada Town Central Public Hall is a organizing rakugo lead by Kaishi Katsura,Fukuryu Katsura a professional Rakugo perforer from Canada and Michiyo kagami a japanese, english & french trilingual to conduct an english Rakugo performance.
If you think that rakugo is a bit hurdle in English! Don't worry It's okay.
The contents are weaving Japanese, and easy English can enjoy it.
In addition, Kaishi katsura who has made over 300 performances all over the world successfully will introduce a slide show of interesting episodes that occurred overseas, the rakugo experience corner, and so on!
There are classic rakugo in Japanese as well.
Please feel the real "English rakugo" which spread out Japanese traditional culture in English by all means ★

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◇ Date and time:February 11, 2019 (Monday · Holiday) 14:00 start, open 13: 30
◇ Venue:Yamada Town Central Public Hall Small Hall
◇ Target:Elementary school student or higher
◇ Other:Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
If we become full, we will restrict entrance.
As parking lots are limited, please try to use public transportation or a car sharing.

■ Inquiries:Yamada Town Board of Education (0193-82-3111)