2018 Ichinoseki Multicultural Symbiosis Project "Knowing, touching, learning international exchange"

Host: Ichinoseki

2018.11.18 (Sun)   10: 00 ~ 12: 00

〇 Date and time:Sunday, November 18, Heisei 10: 00-12: 00
○ Venue:Iwanoseki City Kawasaki citizen center training room (7-1, Suwae, Kawasaki cho, Ichinoseki city)
〇 Contents:① [Know] Heisei 1 Fiscal Year Fiscal Year Junior High School Student Overseas Dispatch Project Report
Presenter: Dispatched middle school student
② [Touch] Hint of communication with foreigners
Lecturer: JICA cooperation volunteer Mr. Shiho Takahashi
③ 【Learning】 Multicultural Symbiotic Lecture "What is Multicultural Symbiosis in the Region"
Lecturer: Associate Professor Morioka Junior College, Iwate Prefectural University Mr. Naoaki Kumamoto
〇 Participants:Anyone interested in multicultural symbiosis or international exchange, foreign residents living in Japan can participate.
◯ Participation Fee:Free
〇 Application:Please apply by phone, fax or e-mail to the following application in advance by November 12 (Monday).
※ Although reception is also possible on the day, we recommend that you apply in advance as there are limited seats.

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Application / Inquiries
Ichinoseki City Office Town Development Promotion Division Town · People Exchange Fellow
TEL: 0191-21-8671
FAX: 0191-21-2164
E-mail: machi@city.ichinoseki.iwate.jp