Tohoku ESD Forum in Iwate

Tohoku ESD Forum in Iwate Executive Committee

2018.12.21 (Fri)

Learn and spread (Education), aiming to foster creation of a sustainable society toward a sustainable world ESD a forum aiming to be a learning place (platform) of ESD in Tohoku region . Education officials, administrative agencies, specialized agencies, companies, NGOs / NPOs, citizens etc. Tackle ESD · We are waiting for participation of interested people.

◇ Date and Time:Friday, 21 December 2018 13: 15 ~ 17: 00 [Opening 12: 50]
◇ Location:AINA 8F 812 (1-7-1 Morioka Station Nishitan, Morioka-shi, Iwate prefecture) Entry free
◇ Target:Everyone interested in ESD, SDGs
◇ Capacity:120 (in order of arrival)
◇ 【Content】Keynote lecture "Regional creation using SDGs · Creation of Japan"
Mr. Hidemitsu Sasaya (CSR / SDG consultant, Itoen adviser)
Free session
Case Study
(1) "Creating a company with co-education, co-education, symbiosis" - Management of making use of people in every corner of the region ~
Mr. Satoshi Kikuta Executive Secretary, Iwate Prefecture Small Business Entrepreneurs Association
(2) "Treasure of Tono" Hop Washi Paper "- Developing Strong Japanese Paper and Seeking New Usage Value"
Iwate prefecture Tono Green peak high school
(3) "Training personnel who are responsible for sustainable areas" - through UNESCO school ~
Tadami-machi Board of Education Former Education Director Shuichi Saito
Closing session
Coordinator Iwate Prefectural University Mr. Kentaro Shibuya
◇ Application deadline:Friday, 14 December 2018

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