Foreign children's support group The 3rd open workshop in 2018 "mathematics teaching materials for students studying Japanese in subjects"

Organized by: Foreign children's support group

2019.01.20 (Sun)    from 1: 00 pm to 4:30 pm Place: Sendai International Center Conference Building Interchange Corner

Students who came to Japan and transferred to junior high school will be able to communicate in Japanese and start learning Japanese related to other subject.
In some cases, students will learn Japanese skills through other subject within a limited time.
This time, we will look into about 'Junior high math glossary for learning ' to understand Japanese in math lesson.
In the morning section, we will confirm the connection to mathematics from the content of math as an introduction of the afternoon content.
In the afternoon section, the lecturer who is the creator of "Junior high math glossary for learning", the background of teaching material creation, the thought up to the creation, the characteristics of the teaching material.
Also, we will look at the free school of Multicultural Coexistence Center Tokyo.

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◇ Date and time:January 20 (Sunday) 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm (9:30 reception start)
◇ Location:Sendai International Center Conference Building 1F Interchange Corner Training Room
◇ Lecturer:(Morning) Tanichi Yuko (Foreigner's Child and Support Association Representative)
(Afternoon) Noriko Kusaki (Director of Multicultural Conviviality Center Tokyo), Tokuto Sato (Multicultural Free School Arakawa School lecturer)
◇ Target:Anyone who is currently engaged in supporting Japanese language and subjects of foreign children, and those who are interested.
◇ participation fee:500 yen
◇ Application:Please apply by post (Yuuso), FAX, E-mail by January 15 (Tue).

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