Workshop for Educational Supporters of Multicultural Children

Sponsor: Iwate University International Exchange Center

2010.01.08 (Fri)   Time:10:00-16:30 / Place:Iwate University Student Center – Room G41

The population of foreign children, or those with a foreign parent,
in Iwate has been increasing for the past few years.

These children may not understand Japanese or how the Japanese school
system works, and suddenly going to the same school as Japanese children
raises many challenges. For this reason, we are holding a session
on Japanese language and educational support for these children.

Using this workshop, teachers with years of experience will be able
to distribute valuable information on helping these students.

There will also be networking opportunities for schoolteachers and volunteers.

●10:00-11:30 Keynote Speech
“The Current State and Future of Educational Support
  for Foreign Students” 
Professor Kazuko Matsumoto,
 Aichi Shukutoku University/Aichi University of Education
●12:30-14:30 Workshop
Discussion on support methods and guidance based on the Entering School
Support Handbook and Iwate Multicultural Children Educational Support Handbook
Moderator: Yoko Matsuoka, Iwate University International Exchange Center

●14:45-16:00 Round Table Exchange of Opinions and Group Discussion

●16:10-16:30 Round Table Report and Review

 *Application: Please email or fax your name, address, and contact information
(phone and email address) by January 5, 2010 (Tues).

Yoko Matsuoka
Iwate University International Exchange Center
FAX 019-621-6867
Email: yokomat@iwate-u.ac.jp

Assisting Organizations:
・Iwate Multicultural Children Educational Support Association
・Iwate Prefecture Board of Education*
・Morioka City Board of Education*
・Iwate International Association*
 *Subject to change